Solution offerings

List of Solution offerings/Brochures from TCS Research and Innovation Labs

Solution offerings

  • Innovation overview (1.02 MB)
    Extract value from ideas by bringing them to the market before others do. We at TCS, help you steer clear of the hype and build a systematic roadmap to innovation.
  • Co-innovation overview (584 KB)
    We believe a new and collaborative order of innovation is emerging and to help our customers stay ahead of the curve in this new order, we created the TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN™).

Areas of research and related offerings

Software engineering

  • Embedded Code Analyser (131 KB)
    Rest assured that your software quality is never compromised by using TCS Embedded Code Analyzer (TCS ECA), a highly automated offering, resulting in lower costs and higher confidence in software quality.
  • Rinx Inx (459 KB)
    Optimize talent management of your workforce using 'TCS' Resume Information Extractor (RINX), automate competency extraction from the skills repository.
  • TCS Survey analysis tool Quest (79KB)
    Understand your stakeholder better with TCS’ Survey Analysis Solution - Quest. Quest, with its in-built library of especially designed analytics, combines the power of data and text mining seamlessly.

Process engineering

  • Nanocoolants (344KB)
    Enhance your thermal efficiency using TCS'Nanocoolants technonolgy. 

Green IT and sustainable solutions 

  • ECView (70 KB)
    Overcome the challenges in going green, using TCS’ Energy-Carbon View (ECView) solution, a comprehensive, enterprise-wide energy and carbon management tool that helps you monitor, assess, report, manage and improve the energy and carbon footprints.
  • TCS Data Center Power Management framework (361 KB)
    Assess, optimize and manage the power consumption of your data centers using TCS’ Data Center Power Management Framework.
  • Smart water networks (1.25 MB)
    Ensure savings in freshwater procurement and electricity consumption by optimal and cost-efficient distribution of water. Use TCS’ suite of offerings under the umbrella of Smart Water Networks that helps ensure the seamless distribution of water.

Big data analytics  

  • TCS Listening platform ( Optra) (456 KB)
    Listen to customer conversations, benefit from user insights, by using TCS’ Listening Solution, designed to cater to the different listening needs.

Life sciences

  • Bio appliance platform (75 KB)
    Explore your data in an integrated fashion by streamlining search and analysis, using TCS’ BioAppliance Platform.

IoT platform solutions 

  • TCUP ( TCS Connected Universe Platform) (103 KB)
    Empower your end users to download, subscribe and unsubscribe from apps, control their privacy settings and view usage history and billing information any time using the TCUP, an offering from our Innovation Labs.
  • TCS Internet of things (379 KB)
    TCS IoT offerings include a set of assets, solutions, platforms, and services that span the IoT spectrum and are underpinned by an integrated approach. It will help organizations leverage IoT effectively to unlock business value.

 Mobility and Social innovation

  • mKrishi
    TCS’ mKRISHI is a mobile agro advisory platform that provides personalized advice to Indian farmers on low-end mobile phones

Social media 

  • Knome (1.76 MB)
    Realize your enterprise’s true collective potential and harness its collective wisdom, by using TCS’ Knowledge Ecosystem Solution, which provides best of breed social networking patterns blended with gamification elements.
  • Just Ask - Social Q&A Platform for the Enterprise (68 KB)
    Harness the potential of your human resources, with TCS’ JustAsk, a social Q&A platform that aims to tap into the tacit knowledge of the individuals and use the collective wisdom of the crowds to find answers to any posted query or issue.

COIN - Academic Alliance

Research Scholar Program

  • TCS Research Scholar Program 
    TCS Research Scholar Program promotes development and innovation to contribute towards boosting the country’s technology landscape.


  • Accessibility Consulting Systems (252 KB)
    Ensure your businesses’ compliance with accessibility standards with TCS' Accessibility Consulting Services, an integrated approach towards accessibility.
  • Virtual office
    Encourage casual interactions without being physically co-located using TCS’ VirtualOffice, a 3D virtual rendition of a physical office along with the ability to informally connect with remote knowledge workers.
  • High Performance Computing Solutions and Services ( 478 KB)
    TCS offers end-to-end High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions and services customized as per business requirements.



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