TCS Research Videos

Here is a collection of Video clippings from TCS Research and Innovation labs


Case Study
  • iCity video
    Gain insights into how we, at TCS address problems like strained city infrastructure, depletion of natural resources and increasing energy consumption with our IoT offerings.
  • Visa collab
    Our innovative, thoroughly researched solutions help exciting new ideas in payments fledge into commercial reality. In this video watch Visa Europe Collab describe how TCS and other partners helped in designing a contactless payment system for charity.
Research Career | Research Scholar Program
  • Research Career at TCS
    Take a sneak peek into the world of TCS Research, as we explore a wide range of subjects related to software, systems and applications with our focus pivoting around the emerging technologies in a rapidly changing landscape.  
  • Research Scholar Program
    We at TCS, address the need for research talent through our Research scholar program specially designed to improve the research talent base in the country.  Watch the video to know more about the program. 

  • TCS Research Scholar Program – Scholars' Testimonial 
    In this video we bring you the experiences of scholars from premier educational institutes across India.
Researchers' Experience
  • Journey of discovery - part I
    Witness the journey of an idea from its research stage to the point of reality. Listen to our senior researchers speak of their experiences.
  • Journey of discovery - part II
    Welcome to the sequel, Journey of discovery - part II.  Journey into the world of TCS Research to discover more.  

Internet of Things

Innovation Forum
  • TCS Innovation Forum 2010 | Enriching Customer Experience
    Explore user experience from various perspectives in this discussion, an excerpt from TCS Innovation Forum 2010, an annual premier event that serves as our platform to collaborate and innovate with technology researchers and peers across industries.
  •  Insights from TCS UK Innovation Forum 2010 | Theme: cloud computing
    Watch market leaders, cloud service providers and TCS’ customers share their experiences and perspectives related to cloud services in this video, an excerpt from TCS Innovation Forum 2010.
  • Insights from TCS UK Innovation Forum 2010 | Theme: infrastructure simplification
    With forever evolving IT plants and its unprecedented impact on the infrastructure complexity set as the background, watch this video as we bring together network solution providers, CIOs in the industry and experts from TCS who share their perspectives on the problem of complexity with some solutions.
  • TCS Innovation Forum - UK
    TCS Innovation Forum, an annual invitation-only event, was held on the May 28, 2015, at London on the theme “Disrupt or be Disrupted: the Imperative of Innovation”. Watch the video for a bird’s eye view of the event.
  • Innovation forum, 2015 - Silicon valley
    TCS Innovation Forum, 2015 - Silicon Valley  was held in Double Tree by Hilton Hotel San Jose, California between November 5-6, 2015. It showcased some of the latest trends in enterprise technology. Watch the video which gives key highlights of the event
  • Innovation forum, 2016- New York City 
    TCS Innovation Forum, 2016  was held on May 2, 2016 at Hotel Conrad, New York City.  The theme of the event was 'Innovation leadership in a hyer connected world'

Leadership Videos
CTO K. Ananth Krishnan  

  • Business Executives Talk Cyber
    CTO K Ananth Krishnan was a panelist at Cyber week held on June 21, 2016 at the Smolarz Auditorium at Tel Aviv University. The panel discussed some significant issues related to cyber security.
  • Digital Impact Square Workshop
    CTO K. Ananth Krishnan spoke at the Digital Impact Square workshop held in January 2016. TCS and MIT Media Lab hosted the workshop to ‘Innovate for Billions’.
  • TCS CTO Interview with Sky News Channel, Australia
    In this interview with Sky News Channel Australia, K Ananth Krishnan, VP and Chief Technology Officer, TCS, discusses the technology trends in Australian businesses and shares his perspectives on innovation, technology and the growth of TCS in Australia and across the world.
  • Fire side Chat with CTO K Ananth Krishnan
    CTO K. Ananth Krishnan gave a fire side interview at Slush, Finland. 
    Watch the interview  
  • The scoop: Future of sourcing
    Listen to our CTO, K Ananth Krishnan demystify Cloud Computing in this podcast which is a part of the Scoop, a technical panel discussion, of MISAustralia Financial Review, a magazine that targets CIOs and technology leaders.


    • Digital is Default
      A significant force shaping the ‘New Global Context’ is the emergence of ‘Digital’ technologies. Going digital is no longer an option, it is the default. Watch the video which provides a glimpse of TCS’ offerings to assist companies in preparing themselves for the next evolution of disruptive digital technology – beyond the likes of social, mobile, big data, and cloud today.
    • Enterprise information fusion and next gen analytics
      In this TCS R&D Video cast we showcase the research idea of one of our principal researchers, fusion of internal and external data, leveraging big data platforms. Watch to know more about this flexible next gen big data tool.
    • ShineSHENIORS
      SHINESeniors  a project is a research collaboration between SMU- TCS iCity Lab working on how technology can help seniors age and live independantly. 

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