Academic Alliances

As a market leader in a knowledge economy, TCS believes in investing in early stage research to drive innovation. We have formed alliances with reputed academic institutions globally to encourage new developments in the area of research. Our academic alliance program, a part of the TCS Co-Innovation Network ( COINTM ) results in promising ideas which stem from pure technology research and real-world scenarios.  



The academic alliance program works at several levels: it includes university-based research parks and incubators, short and long-term research agreements, and faculty and industry personnel exchange programs. We also offer the popular Research Scholar Program that attracts doctoral research scholars from all over India.

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Our current International and domestic academic alliance partners include the following:



University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

TCS has established a research collaboration with the Center for Computational Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. The research collaboration is focused on the use of next generation sequencing to further precision medicine

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University of Toronto

TCS Co-Innovation Network was soft launched in Univ. of Toronto (UoT) campus. Initial collaboration between TCS and UoT are in areas of public health, Smart Citizen and bio-sciences.

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University of Technology Sydney

TCS and UTS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly work on advanced analytics, machine learning, data visualisation and big data applications as well as to fund PhD scholarships and the intake of student interns across the TCS network

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Columbia University

TCS has an Annual Membership of Columbia Particulate and Surfactant Systems. The mission of CPaSS is to advance, promote, develop, and promote greener surfactant and particle technologies, where greener is defined as including and resulting in less hazardous reagents, energy/water/material savings and more value added with little or no compromise in performance.

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Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and TCS have established a research cell for conducting research areas of smart power, next-generation information extraction, railway scheduling and planning, program analysis, high performance computing, software verification and validation, and service design.

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Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

TCS has partnered with IIT Guwahati to develop a smart grid demonstrator. The demonstrator will model the smart grid ecosystem comprising the distribution infrastructure and renewable and distributed energy resources (DER). The simulator will serve a platform to study the impact of DER integration, as well as validate the communication architecture, algorithms, and methodology for optimizing smart grid operations.

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CMI – (Chennai Mathematical Institute)

TCS and CMI have partnered in area of verification of embedded automotive software.

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