TCS IoT Platform and the Internet of Things ecosystem is making all things smart Find out how the versatile TCS IoT Platform and the Internet of Things ecosystem is making all things smart
    TCS Innovation Forum, London - 2017 TCS Innovation Forum was held on 09 May 2017 at London, UK. The theme was Being Digital’-Innovating for a Smarter, Faster, Lighter Enterprise’
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PoV: Build a Scalable Platform for High-Performance IoT Applications 

This PoV discusses how businesses can identify ways of improving the scalability of their IoT applications with specific focus on platform tier.

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Video: Smart Machines & Robots in Warehouses - TCS Research Perspective 

TCS Research perspective on how smart machines and robots could be employed in warehouses.
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Article: Going digital: Build a digital spine for your enterprise 

In the digital era, where technology has become central to everything we do, it’s essential that enterprises adopt a digital mindset. This is an article by K Ananth Krishnan, TCS CTO, published in ITProPortal

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Video: Enterprise Chatbots: A TCS Research Perspective

A TCS Research perspective on the emergence of chatbots, their integration in to enterprise software and process, a proprietary platform TCS NADIA to create custom chatbots that integrate machine learning and natural language processing techniques, and its impact on workforce.  


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