The TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN™)

Anchored in TCS Innovation Labs, the TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN™) provides an environment for sophisticated IT research in leading-edge technologies across various domains. TCS invests resources in systems, software, and applications research in these labs that attract the best of talent globally. A lot of innovation activities - mostly in the platform and disruptive innovation space take place through COIN, which is a rich and diverse network that provides value to TCS’ customers in the technology landscape.

COIN™delivers innovative solutions that can be globally sourced and customized to requirements. Other value propositions include risk mitigation while deploying futuristic solutions and simplification in an increasingly complex technical environment. COIN uses intellectual property  management and partnering strategies to drive innovation in an environment of open communities and solution brokers. Solutions also involve technologies wrapped in process bundles and new software investments based on subscription rather than ownership. Each COIN™ channel networks with the best-of-breed institutions to bring a consolidated set of offerings from varied and diverse sources in a process-driven manner. 

COIN™ Alliances

A collaborative network should be capable of leveraging innovation potential from diverse sources: from nascent and theoretical research in academia to established market-ready solutions of partner companies. COIN™ forges and nurtures bonds with academic institutions, startups, venture funds, strategic alliance partners, multilateral organisations,  Tata group companies, government agencies and industry trade bodies, TCS’ internal stakeholders, and key clients. This helps COIN™ provide an ecosystem-like perspective to innovation.  Read more about our: 


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TCS Co-innovation Network

We believe that a new and collaborative order of innovation is emerging and to help our customers stay ahead of the curve in this new order, we created the TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN™). Read to know more about COIN.


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