The TCS research environment is enriched by thought leaders in the field of science and technology, scientists and researchers from various disciplines. Some of them have won global recognition in their fields of research.



TCS Research Advisory Board comprises researchers with vision and experience who are associated with institutions leading in the field of technology. They provide an external perspective to research in TCS and advise us on the road ahead from this standpoint.

TCS Research Advisory Board (RAB) Members:

  • Jeffrey D Ullman, Emeritus Professor, Stanford University
  • Prof Krithi Ramamritham, Vijay and Sita Vashee Chair Professor-Department of Computer Sc and Engg. IIT Bombay
  • VS Subrahmanian, Director of the Center for Digital International Government at UMD,  Professor, Computer Science at UMD
  • Dr DK Subramanian Distinguished Fellow, IDRBT

TCS’ scientists have demonstrated thought leadership in academic community through years of scholarship or are senior associates who have earned the respect of colleagues and customers alike by delivering solutions when none were thought possible or people who have delivered significant IPR over the years.

Our senior researchers:

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