Build a Scalable Platform for High-Performance IoT Applications

IoT applications must have the ability to support increasing number of connected devices, users, application features, and analytics capabilities, without any degradation in the quality of service.

Scalable IoT applications are also essential to monitoring, securing, and managing an increasing number of devices through a proportionate increase in the resources.

An IoT application consists of functional components deployed in three distinct tiers: the edge, the platform, and the enterprise. The edge tier consists of sensors, sensor networks, and connectivity to the core via access networks. The platform tier comprises middleware, servers, storage, and core services needed for device management, data management, real-time processing, analytics engines, and so on. Typically these are hosted in a corporate data center or a cloud. The enterprise tier consists of applications and systems that make use of services provided by the platform tier.

This PoV discusses how businesses can identify ways of improving the scalability of their IoT applications with specific focus on platform tier.

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