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A PoV - The IIC Industrial Internet Reference Architecture

The Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA) is a framework for guiding developers and
systems integrators involved in the conception, architecture and design of Industrial Internet
Systems (IIS) (Shi-Wan Lin, 2015). The IIRA aims to drive the development of interoperable
technology and standards.
This  article has been republished from the IIC Journal of Innovation, 1st edition, December 2015,
Refer to page 71 for the article in

Getting more out of Internet of Things with Realtime Analytics
Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way people and businesses use devices. There will be exponential increase in the number of connected devices and businesses will have to handle large quantities of data. This paper highlights how adding real-time analytics to the mix can enable organizations differentiate themselves.
Accelerate Your Digital API Program
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are enablers of an enterprise's business model transformation. They allow externalization of enterprise assets, thus paving the way for an open innovation ecosystem. This paper explores how enterprises should ideally manage an API program within the company for effective digital transformation.

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